We believe all those at risk of, or suffering the effects of, rape and/or sexual abuse, from every background, should be treated with compassionate understanding.


We believe in investing in our passionate staff and volunteers to create a team wholly focused on doing what is right for our service users, and offering them complete confidentiality.


We believe in offering accessible, professional, specialised, bespoke support services delivered by highly experienced, qualified staff with a caring, open and progressive approach.


We believe in uniting, leading and training local people who are passionate about protecting and inspiring our community to protect themselves and others from rape/sexual abuse.


We believe in empowering people to re-build and sustain their lives with improved resilience, self-development and growth, underpinned by an improved understanding of the effects of rape and sexual abuse, so that they can avoid re-victimisation and become fully able to reach their potential.


We believe in sustaining the foundation of our work by accepting as true what people disclose, and by challenging myths and victim blaming whilst being non-judgmental, strong in ethics, inclusive and genuinely interested in listening to and hearing our clients’ needs.